Yeoman Tell In Pursuit of the Good Life


It’s been 238 years since Thomas Jefferson’s birth, yet his ideal of an American yeomanry still provides context for American identity. (see Phillip Longman’s “Yeoman’s Return“)  Today, Yeoman Tell was born.  As you explore his Haus, you’ll find rooms dedicated to topics that interest our modern yeoman of Swiss descent.  In the Armory, we’ll cover the arms and equipment used to protect hearth and home.  In the Cabinet, decor, books, art, music, et c.  Sitting on the Porch, we discuss politics, philanthropy and religion, while enjoying food, drink and tobacco.  The Shed is for gardening and modes of conveyance.  And we’ll hunt, adventure and travel the Land.  If you share a passion for one of these topics, or just fancy yourself a modern yeoman, please join the conversation.  If you have an idea for an entry, share it.  And thank you for helping me celebrate this beginning!



Yeoman Tell is a Christian homeschooled autodidact polymath from Pennsylvania. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science, a graduate certificate in geospatial intelligence, and is pursuing a master's degree in homeland security. He has formally studied religion, law, business, and four languages. He consults for small businesses, and is certified as an NRA Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor.